VitalShadows Wu – tang Mixtape 2020 – 1.08.2020 – Premiera

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„We wanted to invite you to VitaShadows Wu – tang mixtape, new refreshed sound and a completely different musical atmosphere.
Beats, cuts, scratchs, mix mastering – Vitalshadowsbeats.COM
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Vital Shadows – Polish HipHop DJ and producer Shadowface and Pakistani audio engineer Vital Music got connected during a Polish Hiphop concert of Hades in Musicon The Hague Holland. This concert was organised by Shadow Face. Shadow Face also has his own free for public hiphop event named Show Yours Skills.

Vital Music was the tourmanager of Killing Skills at this moment, Killing Skills are 2 Dutch producers who produced the album of Hades.

Backstage was the meeting between these two gentleman, both of them have a great passion for beats and decided to meet up in studio Eardrum Audio Tech. After their first session it was a fact these two beatmakers will become a production duo and sell their beats in their own networks.

The rappers liked the beats and both of them decided to bring it even to a higher level. Then Vital Shadows was born, a beatproduction duo based in the Netherlands. Creating sample based hiphop beats.”

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